TTT Movie Notes

The mun went to see TTT for a second time and was gracious enough to take me with her. The catch was that I had to take down notes for her. So, here they are:

PRETTY! She said this a lot. Along with a lot of sighing. It all gets consolidated into one.

Scruffiness is so hot! The squirrel fucker?!

Legolas is hot!and....Cool! Awesome!Etc.

Eomer is hot!Scary Rohirrim Elfist?! You cannot be my mun!

Theodred is hot even if he is dying and has blue lips!!! Too much drain cleaner.

Evil, manipulative father! I will refrain any comments on Elrond.

Who needs a romance with all this high tension between warriors? You could cut it with a knife.

Elves at Helm's Deep? Wait a sec....Those are MY TROOPS!!!! BITCH GALADRIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haldir?! OH MY ERU!!!!!!!!!!! They just killed Haldir. You bastards! BITCHBITCHBITCH!!!! Oh, Haldir I'm sooo sorry!

Sam and Frodo are like an old married couple. ...

"Your Sam?" "Your Sam?"

Ummm...didn't write a lot. Didn't see me. Very saddening. Forgot to look for Tilion, too. Curses. Dwarf was funny. They are always good at playing bufoons. He he.
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I'm so hot

Lothlorien Tours

Come to Lothlorien! The Golden Woods!

There is always much to do and to see. Why not try some boat paddling? For those who prefer to relax, we have scenic swanboats that are neither rabid, nor bite. We also have rope weaving and cloak making. Our Mallorn trees are without comparison this side of the Barrier Sea.

Caras Galadhon provides all the accomodations one could desire from a capital city. All in tasteful tree architecture no less. Need a little spice in your nightlife? Not a problem. In nearby Cerin Amroth you will find Nights of Glory, our own nightclub. Not only can you find a wide selection of drinks and shaggable dancing partners, but you can also have a first hand viewing of Elrond I who has given up this world due to a broken heart, now a historical monument thanks to his son. A tragic site that is a must see for all. Admission fees will be collected.

If you feel more adventurous, you can do overnight camping on a flet near the Nimrodel river, while singing old tunes.

Great fun at a great price. Look into travelling to Lothlorien today!
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This is so not acceptable!

Cerin Amroth was once my capital city, and Caras Galadon my party pad. But, during my absence the wench known as Galadriel moved the capital to Caras Galadon. I, upon my return, reinstated the use of Cerin Amroth, and made the glade into the location of my night club, Nights of Glory.

What am I getting at? No Elves are allowed to give up the world in Cerin Amroth! Not only is it bad for business, but it's also creepy. Plus, I object to people taking away my pretty flowers.

Oh, yeah. I cry at the loss of Elrond I
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I'm so hot

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sHE sang at karaoke at local bar.. Be pround of her. Wherever, Whenever by Shakira. yaY.

HEe hee.
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Internal Restructuring in Lothlorien.

Have not seen Haldir in a while. Heard rumor that he might not be- um, well. Perhaps I should rethink the Captain of the Guards thingy. Especially after hearing about this super cool dog named Steve who's a counsellor down in Gondor.

Umm..just for the record. I don't have a new bitch Galadriel to contend with over my rulership of Lorien, do I?
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I rule!

Patron Elf

I now wish to be the Patron Elf of Dol Amroth. I is only right after all. That most spectacularly wonderful city was named after me. It deserves to have me be an intrical part of it's image and tourism.

I can see it now. Amroth Action Figures complete with Diving, Swimming, and Drinking Action. And a whole line of ales and wines made in collaboration with the Dol Amroth breweries. Oh and the bacchanal festivals that would be named after me. *starry eyed* How lovely.

All in favor, help yourself to a jello shot. All opposed, have a drink from the end of the bar. Don't mind the arsenicmixer, it might be a tad strong.
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It occurs to me...(Yes, I think)

I must be one of the few here who does not have a fucked up an extended family line. No mother. No Father. No siblings. No other familials. All that Tolkien ever wrote for me was that twat Nimrodel. And thank Eru there are no offspring.

Some people get two fathers, five grandmothers, two versions of themselves (psycopathic suicidal and mellow illiterate), incest, and draino addicts. What do I get?

*Sips his drink*
I wonder if the lack of familial soap operas is what is taking away from my general fun.
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